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Once you have invested in a rental property the responsibility of maintaining and running the property can be overwhelming. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider hiring REALTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES and how the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • Local Knowledge of Rental Rates: We know the area well and are able to offer you an honest appraisal of the rental Over priced properties sit empty while those priced fairly get rented.
  • Rent Collection: We have the systems and strategies to improve rent collection and on time rent payments we now offer our tenants the choice of Automated Banking.
  • Tenant Screening: We require EVERY potential tenant over the age of 18 to submit a detailed application with photo identification and social security card. We run a credit check on EVERY potential We also check 2 years of rental history with past landlords and call employers ensuring that the tenant is the best possible choice for your property.
  • Inspections: We pe1form inspections before, during and after each Regular inspections both inside and out letting you know of any current or potential problems with the property before they become expensive items of disrepair.
  • Marketing: By adding your property to our company rental listings both offline and online, you can massively increase the exposure your property is getting leading to a quicker tenant placement and you making a profit from your investment.
  • Emergency Calls: There is nothing worse than a phone call in the middle of the night from a tenant with an We will take those calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Let us deal with the issue at 3:00 a.m.!
  • Laws and Regulations: All of our property supervisors are licensed in the State of It is our job to have extensive and the latest knowledge of property laws and regulations and will assist you in making sure you are in compliance with local, state and federal agencies. We can take care of all the legal issues, helping you rent your property without making potentially costly mistakes. Avoiding one law suit will more than pay for any management fees many times over.
  • Reliable Professionals: We only use vendors/suppliers who have a proven track record for providing good quality work at reasonable prices. In order to protect your interests, all of our vendors must show proof of liability and/or workmans comp insurance before we will allow them on your
  • Financial Records: We will provide comprehensive income and expense reports with current year to date totals. You can ask for a personal meeting with your assigned bookkeeper and or property supervisor at any time to receive a copy of your statements in order to keep your own personal records accurate and in order.
  • Stability: We have been in business since 1972. We are not going to close our doors and leave you hanging. We take great pride in maintaining our excellent reputation in this community. We look forward to building a relationship with you.


 “The Mark of Distinction Among Real Estate Management Firms”

As an owner of real estate in today’s competitive world, you know the difference good management makes.  If an ACCREDITED MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION® (AMO®) firm manages your real estate, there is no question about management expertise, financial stability, professional excellence and integrity.  AMO is the only designation awarded to firms by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and less than 700 firms in the United States and Canada have achieved it.  For over 75 years these elite organizations have set the standards for excellence in real estate and asset management.

Profile of an AMO Firm

AMO firms have served the real estate management community since 1948.

AMO firms manage a variety of properties – the typical AMO portfolio includes office buildings, shopping centers, apartments, federally assisted housing, condominiums, single-family dwellings and industrial properties. Whatever the size or type of your real estate investment, there is an AMO firm prepared to manage it for you.

As a sophisticated real estate investor or experienced individual owner, you realize that trained

real estate managers are need to obtain the maximum return on your asset by improving cash flow and enhancing its value…freeing your time to pursue other business opportunities. With more than 10,000 real estate management firms from which to choose, you need to know how to select the one that will meet your person investment objectives.

Selecting the Right Real Estate Management Company

More than ever before, investors and owners must select professional management teams for their properties with care. AMO is the mark of distinction among real estate management firms today. IREM’s firm members provide the ethical standards, professional expertise, CPM professionalism, and financial stability required in today’s competitive real estate market.

Why not let the best in real estate management manage your real estate assets? With an AMO firm, you’re not only getting a service, you’re getting a partner.

When you select an AMO for your real estate investment, you receive…

Ethical Standards

Formal code of Ethics - Regulates relationships with the owner/investor and the public and controls promotion, advertising, and operations procedures.

Reaccreditation- Ensures that all AMO firms continually satisfy the requirements for membership and thus maintains the high standards of the AMO program.

Professional Expertise

Experience- To qualify for the AMO designation, a firm must have been engaged in real estate management activity for at least three years.

Professionalism- AMO firms are required to have a CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGER (CPM ®) directing and supervising the firm’s real estate management activities.

CPM Professionalism

Proficiency- Only individuals who complete extensive course study, who have met experience requirements in both fiscal and operations management, and who adhere to a professional code of ethics attain the CPM designation.

Recognizable- The CPM designation is the most widely identified real estate management designation among investors and owners.

Financial Stability

Security- Each AMO firm undergoes an independent financial review and must demonstrate its financial stability and integrity.

Protection- IREM requires AMO firms to maintain insurance coverage to ensure that your investment is protected.





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