Testimonials Quote“On behalf of Realty Management Services, I would like to extend my recommendation of this full service property management company. Realty Management Services has been my property management company of choice for the last 27 years.  They are a professional company with educated Certified Property Managers and exhibit professionalism and expertise in their field.  I have a very large real estate portfolio with a value of approximately 15 million dollars, and I trust the honesty and integrity of Realty Management Services. I have and will continue to recommend them.”  
         - Owner, Louise



Testimonials Quote“We have been with Realty Management Services for over 30 years, and we have the utmost respect for their professionalism. The rentals Realty Management Services handles for us include single family homes, duplexes, and multiple four- and five-plex units.  Their staff is professional, the units are handled efficiently, and our checks arrive timely and in a manner that our CPA appreciates.  We have recommended them to other property owners.  Realty Management Services is a fine company.”
         - Owners, Chris and John



Testimonials Quote“I have had a professional relationship with Realty Management Services for the past 35 years.  They have managed my real estate portfolio, consisting of both single family and multi-family units with the utmost professionalism, reliability, and honesty during that time. I can confidently recommend Realty Management Services as a solid and reliable company and experts in their field.”                                   
         - Owner, Richard



Testimonials Quote“Realty Management Services (RMS) has managed our apartment buildings for 20 years.  I would highly recommend their services.  They manage all sizes of apartment complexes.  We have a 40 unit complex to a 249 unit complex and they have managed each very well. They also have extensive services they provide for their clients that improve your property for this difficult rental market. Again, I would highly recommend RMS to manage any property.”  
         - Owner, Stephanie



Testimonials Quote“We have used RMS' management services for over ten Years.  We are very pleased and comfortable with their services. Sandie Lynch is my Property Manager.  She is a very a professional property manager. She is very responsible, great with communications and reacts to problems and issues right away. I trust her with all my properties. In addition, RMS has their own repair and maintenance team that can handle most of small projects after the vacancy of a unit at a fairly reasonable price. For large items (carpet, tile and roof projects etc.), Sandie always helps us getting competitive bids from various vendors.”       
         -  Owners, Eric and Pamela



Testimonials Quote"RMS has been managing our 5 bedroom house in Bakersfield for going on ten years.  They credit check and ask for references from the tenants, manage the property, and take care of any collections, should that be necessary.  During this time, we've had our share of landlord issues ( plumbing problems, leaky roof, appliance repair, etc)  RMS handled it all seamlessly and professionally. They don't wait for the problems to occur, and take proactive steps to ensure a smooth running rental.  My wife and I have been very happy with RMS, and feel that we are in good hands."  
         - Owner,  Dan C.




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